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iBone G, the dental implant which preserves the biological width

Thanks to its 2 platforms, the iBone G dental implant allows implantation in the greatest number of indications, especially in sites with resorbed bone crests.

The ibone G dental implant is available from our online shop.

etk®, your supplier of ibone G dental implants

The ibone G dental implant is intended to be used for partial or complete tooth loss, either in the maxilla or the mandible. It shall be placed in a transgingival position It shall be associated with a single-stage surgical procedure, preserving soft tissue and making healing easier.

Its 2 prosthetic platforms make it possible to adapt to any clinical situation.

Indications for use

  • Posterior segment
  • Single stage surgical procedure
  • Suitable for all bone densities
  • Ideal for poorly vascularised bone

A design intended to guarantee optimal primary stability

A design intended to guarantee optimal primary stability

The thread adapts to the bone density
The ibone G dental implant is available in 3 thread sizes to allow you to tailor the implant to the bone density

Large threads to leave room for the living

  • Reduction of the implant body while maintaining optimal primary stability to preserve the bone
  • Creation of healing pockets that will be colonised by endogenous bone, thereby optimising the osseointegration of the implant.

A smooth transmucosal neck (height 1.3 mm), respecting the biological width

  • Limits gingival handling
  • Promotes gingival healing
  • Machining grooves on the neck provide optimal attachment of the hemidesmosome

Single and multi-unit connections with the Aesthética+² dental implant

The ibone S dental implant has an internal octagonal tapered connection to guarantee:
– Airtight prosthetic seal
– Stable implant/prosthetic part assembly
– Precise orientation of prosthetic components

With the same connection as the Aesthética+² dental implant, it means:
– Streamlining of the inventory of prosthetic parts
– Simplified exchange between the implantologist and its referring dentists
– Simplified exchange between the dental practice and laboratory

An atraumatic and engaging apex to guarantee ease of insertion while preserving the living

The threads at the apex increases the implant’s self tapping effect and attaches to the apex better.​

Fully safe to use in the sinus floor.

A conical implant body to preserve the bone

  • Optimisation of the implant near curved roots.
  • Optimisation of the primary stability.​
  • Limits apical compression.​

STAE® surface quality, backed by 27 years of clinical experience in surface finish.

The combination sandblasting and etching technology gives the implant a dual-roughness surface quality, which is optimal for osseointegration.
– Sandblasting of the titanium oxide to get macroroughness.
– Acid etching to get microroughness.

This kit provides all the instruments needed for a surgical protocol and to manage all bone densities, for all lengths and diameters of the iBone E, ibone S and iBone G implants.

– Simple and compact.
– One kit for 3 implant systems.
– Reduced size to gain more space in the sterile field and in the autoclave.
– Graduated rule
– Streamlined protocol to make surgery as minimally invasive as possible

Minimum of 3 drills
Maximum of 7 drills

– Tiltable for better visibility of the instruments during surgery
– Screen-printed indications for a better understanding of the protocol

The ibone G implant requires a complementary ancillary kit comprising:

-3 direct drive wrenches (short, medium, long)
-2 direct drive mandrels (short, medium)
-2 axis parallelism

Kit de butée

Stop kit

Universal kit: can be used with all ranges of implants (only on stepped drills).

– Pick up stops directly from a contra-angle
– Colour coding makes identifying stops simple, based on the diameter of the drill used.
– 28 stops for short and long drills included in the kit
Can be autoclave sterilised

Kit d'extraction

Extraction kit

With this extraction kit, you can remove abutments that are stuck in the implant as well as broken screws, but you can also remove the implant itself. Our extraction kits are available for all implant ranges.

Download the extraction kit documentation