LyraGuide platform: the easy way to create implant guides

The tailor-made digital workflow that adapts to your business

Submit your impressions (digital or physical*) and DICOM files on the platform, our experts offer you an implant planning. After validation, Lyra Guide will make the 3D printing.

*possibility to have a courier to pick-up the physiical impression

Upload your guide STL file to the platform, Lyra takes care of the 3D printing of the guide.

Choose the most suitable guidance for your implants

Complete guided surgery to perform your most complex clinical cases.

The kit allows you to insert Naturactis implants from diameter 3.5 to 4.5 and length 6 mm to 14 mm, from single-unit case, partial to total edentulism

Clear, fluid protocol thanks to a range marked by arrows

High guiding accuracy due to drill guided from the start and unique size of the guide ring

Ergonomically designed kit with 6 slots for implant placement to visualise the surgery 

Simplified guided surgery to perform your clinical cases with any implant system

The advantage of simplified guided surgery is that it provides the benefits of guided surgery but with a surgical guide that can be used with any dental implant system and without a full guided surgery kit. It allows to guide only the first pass of the drill. The drilling axis is defined initially and will be maintained throughout the surgery until the implant is placed.