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"The world changes at great speed and we have to change with it. Without however losing our humanity."

Armand Stemmer, Dental Surgeon, Chairman and founder of LYRA

Towards simplified digital implantology

With LYRA, you will have the best scanning system for your impression, the 3Shape® Trios 3 scanner.

The intraoral scanner is a scanning solution performed with the 3Shape® Trios 3 scanner.

This system offers optimal precision, time gain, comfort for the patient and great ease of use.

The VIDA printer from EnvisionTEC offers the possibility to directly print your surgical guides in the studio.

These new printers are distinguished by their ease of use and their conviviality.

The 3D printer improves clinical outcomes and patient experience. With the printer you save time on the chair and offer a simplified workflow. Furthermore, the materials available for the printer are biocompatible.

The advantage of simplified guided surgery is to use a surgical guide with any implant system, without a complete surgical kit.

A dedicated sequencer is used to guide the first drilling with a diameter of 2.2 mm.

The guide is used only for this step.

iphysio® allows healing, impression and temporary without disassembly.

This anatomical designed profile sculpts a true non-circular emergence profile, promotes maintenance of the papillae and preservation of the gingiva.

An important evolution that, besides bringing comfort and biological respect, will save precious time.

The association of industrial methods and techniques with artistic and prosthetic skills allows to improve the prosthetic laboratory's proposal to better meet the needs of dentists and patients.

CAD CAM offers aesthetic performance, precision, competitiveness and traceability.

For all these reasons, CAD CAM has become an indispensable production system that opens the way to a multitude of possibilities that the laboratory can manage according to its needs: a true tool for competitiveness.